ZineWriMo 2019: day 18-24

This week I didn’t get to do many of the recommended ZineWriMo prompts. There were a lot of fun ones though, like making collages, showing your zine space/tools/collection, and creating a 24 hour zine but I just didn’t have time… Maybe I’ll do them next week instead, or focus on other ziney projects.

I did do the “read zines” prompt: I chose Ladyfuzz #5, a feminist music zine from the UK, which I enjoyed reading a lot. I’ll mention it in my mini-review section soon.

What I also accomplished was finishing and scanning all the pages of my half of the splitzine! Now all I have left to do is edit them in Photoshop and place them in the right order in InDesign to make a pdf ready to print. I can’t wait to see Kirsty’s half! To be continued…

Another creative thing I did this week was making lots of buttons, including some for my band Lavender Witch and my old band Vagina Dentata (I still have leftover materials and people seem to like the designs, so why not) as well as the usual ECHO buttons (some featuring my dear Chainsaw Bunny!). I’ll post more photos of all the button designs soon. Mail me to place an order or buy the Lavender Witch buttons on our Bandcamp page.

Finally I’ve been busy making new lavender bags to sell at upcoming craft fairs and online. It’s fun and easy to make and encourages me to use my sewing machine more. I have so much fabric lying around and several projects waiting for me but I tend to procrastinate a lot when sewing is concerned. Maybe I should add “sew more” to my new year’s resolutions for 2020… I’d like to make some more stuffed bunnies and cats as well as pillow cases and maybe some clothes and bags. Also, repairing trousers and bags and adding anarchist patches to hoodies is on the top of my to do list. But right now it’s still zine-making-month, so that will have to wait for a little while longer…

On Sunday I tabled at the craft fair Let’s LousART together with zinester and friend Meeni Levi. It was the second time I participated in this event but the first time was several years ago. For this Christmas-themed edition, Meeni Levi had brought zines, poetry books, bow hair clips, and make-up remover cloths. I sold my postcards, buttons, lavender bags, and a few mini-zines, as well as soy wax candles by Sister Ray Zines. It was a super nice and inspiring but exhausting day!

Now on to the final week of ZineWriMo!

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