Interesting stuff on the web: zine podcasts, radio, and audiozines

There is an ever-growing amount of podcasts online that are being made by zinesters or talk about zines so it seemed about time that I collected them and shared them with you. I like to think that podcasts can be seen as the audio equivalent of zines, so they are an excellent medium to be used by zinesters or to discuss zines.

Below I’m listing all of the podcasts I’ve heard of and/or listened to but if I forgot to mention any – which is very likely – please let me know in the comments.

And for now, enjoy listening!

Podcasts about zines:

  • Long Arm Stapler: with interviews discussing various topics related to zines
  • Nobody cares about your stupid zine is run by Alex Wrekk who is involved in too many zine projects to keep count (her own zines, zine fests, a book about how to make zines, music about zines – see Copy & Destroy…) so a podcast could not be missing. The podcast dates from 2009-2012 though but it’s still very interesting to listen to.
  • Read and Distribute by Broken Pencil magazine (a magazine dedicated to zines and DIY culture)
  • The Zine Collector by Nyx of Sea Green Zines. It’s not only a podcast but a vlog too. You can find all episodes on the Sea Green Zines’ blog and on YouTube.
  • Zines in Stereo: radio program based in Portland, USA.
  • Zine Zone: zine podcast discussing zines and reviewing zines.
  • NEW 08/04/2023: Fanzines Über Alles: zine podcast in French.

Podcasts and vlogs by zinesters about other subjects:

  • Brown Girls Do It gave a workshop on podcasting at North West Zine Fest 2019 that was super interesting. They also make zines under the same name.
  • Coin-Operated Press zine vlog
  • DIY or DIE by Amber and Shelley, about mental health
  • Feral Publications vlog by Rich Larios
  • Grap Grrrlz about wrestling from a queer-feminist perspective
  • Out Loud is a queer punk collective in Ghent and they run a zine and a podcast under the same name.
  • Poor Lass by Seleena Laverne Daye and Em Ledger. The podcast is as amazing as their zine by the same name.
  • Ryan Ewing‘s (of Pocket Thoughts zine) video reviews of zines
  • Simo_Tier is made by a German queer zinester with regular episodes about zines
  • Warglitter vlog
  • You just can’t kill de Vortn Vis (in Dutch) by Kimme Tigra, a zinester based in Belgium, about Vort’n Vis, the autonomous punk café in Ieper.

Podcast episodes with zinesters or about zines:

  • BIZZONG interviews Ben Fitts of The Rock’N Roll Horror Zine
  • Bloed Aan De Muur is an anarcha-feminist podcast from Amsterdam. The women behind the podcast organised a panel discussion in Utrecht about radical books and zines which was recorded for the podcast (I wrote a bit about it here) and in May 2019 one of them participated in a panel discussion about feminist alternative media that they also broadcasted (read more about it here).
  • Dare to use the F-word: Barnard College podcast interviews their own zine librarian Jenna Freedman among others
  • Day Dreaming Wolves interviews zinester Jade Mars of Scorpio Moon zine
  • Erasable Podcast with guest zinester Ed Kemp
  • Notmovingpictures‘ episode about zines (they’ve had others and will do more in upcoming episodes)
  • She’s a Punk has an episode with interviews with zinesters
  • Somerset House has episodes about PROCESS and Spare Rib.
  • SON[I]A talks about the history, distribution, and preservation of zines
  • Superbeast regularly review zines
  • Unladylike‘s episode about zines

Audio-zines and music about zines:

  • Bunny Ears Distro is an audio-zine distro which means you can hear zine readings online wherever you are! The zines include Shortandqueer, Cheap Toys, Proof I Exist, and Sea Green Zines’ Don’t Call Me Cupcake, as well as some funny songs about zines.
  • Copy & Destroy: this is an indie/punk album full of songs about zines by the band The Copy Scams of which Alex Wrekk is a member

Other radio and online interviews I like:

  • Chroniques Mutantes (in French) is a queer-feminist radio show on Radio Panik in Brussels that can also be heard online.
  • Suck My Left One is a riot grrrl-inspired online radio show I used to listen to several years ago.
  • Women of Rock: super interesting and inspiring interviews with female musicians (including Donita Sparks, Tracy Bonham, Kristin Hersh, Michelle Gonzalez, Patty Schemel, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Shirley Manson, Phranc, Kate Schellenbach, Veruca Salt, and many many others…)

More lists of podcasts:

Add your recommendations in the comments!

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