Zinester merch: buttons, prints, postcards, lavender bags, bunnies and cats

One of the ways I use to fund my zine-making is by creating and selling other hand-crafted things, such as lavender bags, postcards, and buttons.

I sell them at craft fairs (like Marché Créatif Féministe happening today in Brussels) and sometimes at zine fests and you can order them online by contacting me. The postcards are also for sale at some bookshops and libraries in Belgium and in the UK.

How to buy them:

Mail me to place an order or go to one of the events where I’m tableing.


11 different postcard designs (including one I made 15 years ago)

€1 / postcard


Limited edition silkscreen in fluo pink and black, printed by Chocs et Ennui (almost out of print!!)

€10 / print


Hand-made lavender bags

€3 / lavender bag


I have plenty of the buttons/badges for sale, these include buttons of FEL and Lavender Witch (not all shown in the photo)

€1 / button


Hand-made stuffed cats and bunnies

€25 for a bunny or cat with the fabrics of your choosing

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