Photos of the Marché Créatif Féministe at Poisson Sans Bicyclette

Last Sunday I tabled at the feminist market at Poisson Sans Bicyclette in Brussels, together with my friends of Wayfaring Moon Apothecaries (organic hand-made soaps and zines) and Sister Ray Zines (zines, jewellery, and candles). It was a great market, we made so many connections and gathered so much interest, the other tables sold amazing creations, from prints and tote bags to jams and mugs, and there were delicious pancakes. Big congrats to the organisers!

It also was the first time that I sold my “zine surprise bags” – I only got the idea to assemble them the day before the market. More info about them in another blogpost soon…


While the three of us tabled there, we used the occasion to look for a new drummer for our band Lavender Witch, so we put up this sign. Sadly, our current drummer can not stay with us for very much longer due to lack of time. So we’re slowly starting our search for a replacement who will hopefully be equally amazing. Fingers crossed!

Keep an eye on our website, facebook page or instagram for an announcement coming soon! Contact us if you’re interested!

At the feminist market, I was selling my zines, postcards, lavender bags, and buttons. Take a look at my table:

And here is my table two weeks earlier at Let’s LousART in Ghent, with some of Sister Ray Zines’ candles, and where Meeni Levi joined me:

And finally, I wanted to show you this beautiful tile in front of Poisson Sans Bicyclette / Maison des Femmes de Schaerbeek… 🙂 Have a nice creative week!

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