Some work-in-progress projects

I’ve had a long creative weekend, which I used to do a bunch of things including finishing the master copy of “This Bunny Kills Fascists“, a mini-zine featuring Chainsaw Bunny. You can see some of the work-in-progress in the photos above. It will be out verrrry soon!


I also made a “song book” to write down all the lyrics and my guitar tabs for all the finished Lavender Witch songs. Right now, the lyric sheets and tab notes are a bit all over the place, so it’s good to keep them together in one place and also fun to try to create a tidy, nice-looking notebook. Our first album called “Awakening” is almost finished and I’ve been editing and finalising the cover-art in the past few days too.


Lavender Witch is currently looking for a new drummer so contact us if you are interested!

Do you want to add your beats to our witchy songs? Do you enjoy creating powerful rhythms, from fast to melancholic, heavy to danceable? Do you support and engage with intersectional feminism and DIY values? Is “drum rolls not gender roles” your life motto? Maybe you are the witch we are looking for!

We are: Anso (guitar), Delphine (vocals), Gudrun (bass), and Nina (guitar)
Rehearsals: weekly in St Gilles, Brussels

Genre: a mix of grunge, indiepop, doommetal, and punk (we love the 90s) with feminist, political, and personal lyrics. Listen to our music at

We are releasing our first album “Awakening” soon and hope to play a lot of concerts in 2020.

Good to know: we are a multi-lingual band and usually speak English during rehearsals.

We are also always looking for concerts. Get in touch to book us!


And finally, have a look at my newest guitar effect pedal, and my current pedalboard – which doesn’t include ALL of my pedals. You’ll be able to read about all of them in the next issue of Same Heartbeats! In the meantime, check this handy beginners guide to pedals by the zinester of Fanzine Ynfytyn.

(The lavender felt star in the photo is made by Gudrun of Lavender Witch and the WITCH patch is made by MandApunk)

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  1. tikara says:

    Chainsaw bunnyyyyyyyy!! ❤

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