Recent contributions to publications: books and zines

Apart from creating my own zines, I sometimes contribute drawings or writings to other zines (and sometimes books or other media). For compzines (compilation zines: zines which contain work by several people) contributions are vital and I feel happy and honoured to see my work printed in them.

So, more or less recently I contributed illustrations and essays to the following publications:



The Feminist Revolution: The Struggle for Women’s Liberation, by Bonnie J. Morris and D-M Whithers (2017)

I re-worked an old illustration for this book about the history of the feminist movement:



I wrote an article for Paper Currency #2 published by by Sea Green Zines:



And I made the cover illustration + another illustration for Workaholic also published by Sea Green Zines: (below are some variations of those illustrations)


I contributed a few drawings to Out Loud Zine #4, with the theme “self-care”:


I wrote a silly little half-fictitious text about Brexit for the zine Hex It: (which has become even more sad now after the recent horrible election results in the UK)


I sent one of my postcards to be re-printed in the zine ESCzine: The Postcard Project:

[Unfortunately ESCzine recently stopped but you may still be able to find the zine by contacting Jessica, one of its editors]


I submitted an illustration to the halloween-themed zine Vampire Hag: 10th Birthday Zine by Vampire Hag distro (formerly known as Vampire Sushi distro):



Queerfeministischer Taschenkalender

Every year, I try to send in something for this queer-feminist pocket diary from Germany, edited by Riot Skirts and published by Edition Assemblage. For the 2021 edition, I made the cover illustration on the left a little while ago (which I later re-worked as a postcard). Yep, that’s right, 2021, they started designing it very much on time! For the 2020 edition I contributed the illustration on the right:

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