Pedal Power

Over the past few years/months I have developed an increasing fascination for guitar pedals. Especially very recently my collection has grown a lot. At the moment I’ve accumulated up to 11 different pedals! These produce sounds ranging from distortion and fuzz to chorus and delay. I also own a drum machine guitar pedal. I have a pedal board, on which to attach the pedals to easily transport them to rehearsals and concerts but they no longer all fit on there. So I keep some at home and some on the board for rehearsals/concerts of my band Lavender Witch. Like, for example, we don’t need a drum machine when we are so lucky to have an amazing new drummer in our band!

I’m still learning about pedal effects, by watching a lot of youtube videos and by just experimenting with my pedal collection. It will probably be an ongoing process. There’s always something new to discover and all of this is very exciting to me! I’ve turned into a true pedal geek. 🙂


If you are curious about what these little machines can do, I’ll write more in detail about my collection of sound effect boxes in the next issue of Same Heartbeats. I’m considering making a special mini-zine about them too, as part of the Guitarrr series. To be continued…

[Photo on the right: felt star made by my band mate Gudrun and WITCH patch made by MandApunk of the band Judith Judah]

Aren’t they pretty? Who needs christmas lights and decoration when you’ve got guitar pedals (and bright red and fluo yellow guitar cables)?


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