Zines about music available from ECHO

When I started out making (fan)zines in 2001, writing about music was a big part of them. Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney featured on the cover of my very first zine called Punk Feminist Mini-Zine (now out of print) and in my zine series Flapper Gathering (also out of print), I regularly published concert and album reviews. I was inspired by riot grrrl and punk and it showed when glancing through the pages of these publications.

My current zine series Same Heartbeats continued where Flapper Gathering left off. It includes reports of feminist festivals and comics about the bands I play(ed) in. Recently I’ve also published a few zines that focus entirely on (playing) music and fandom. I intend to write more about these subjects in the future because my fascination with music, bands, instruments, and song-writing continues.

Here is a list of my zines about music that are still available to order or trade:

Mail me to place an order.


From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls

This zine tracks the personal journey of my evolving music taste, starting out with the Spice Girls, then going on to rock and punk bands including Skunk Anansie, Team Dresch, L7, etc. Also included are thoughts about age and nostalgia.

Only 1 euro + postage

More info


In the summer of 2018 I had a little fan obsession with guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen so I decided to make a fanzine about him and write about all sorts of things related to fandom, making music, ambition, queerness and gender expression, growing up in the 80s, “what would Yngwie do” advice, etc. It’s a fun zine, even if you hate Yngwie (I even listed all the reasons to hate him).

Only 2 euros + postage

More info

Guitarrr #1 + Guitarrr #2

I love using the mini-zine format – a folded A4 sheet into an A7 booklet – to make mini-manuals. For example one of the first mini-zines I published is a “how to make a zine” mini-manual in three languages (Dutch, English, French – I got help for translating it into French because I’m not that fluent).

A few years ago I made two more mini-zines about the basics of learning to play (electric) guitar (and bass). It’s meant to show readers how easy it can be to start playing guitar or bass. Making these mini-zines encouraged me to learn more about the guitar too.

Guitarrr #1 covers the basics from rhythms and chords to pedal effects and solo techniques. There’s also information about tuning and a drawing of all the notes on the guitar neck. #2 is an introduction to scales, harmonics, and muting and gives an overview of some well-known electric guitar and bass brands.

Only 0,50 euro each or 1 euro for both + postage

More info about Guitarrr #1

More info about Guitarrr #2

Riot Grrrl thesis on the right

Riot Grrrl: Rebels Feminisme

This is a thesis about the riot grrrl movement that I made for art school and turned into zine . (It already had a very ziney layout).

Written in Dutch

Only 4 euro + postage

Same Heartbeats zines:

I regularly write/wrote about music in my zine series Same Heartbeats, for example about festivals and concerts I went to, about the bands I play(ed) in, and about bands and musicians I like.



  • SHB#15
    Interview with Vinyldyke records/zine, POC musicians, my band Lavender Witch, feminist festival reports
  • SHB#14
    Interview with two friends who are active in the queer-feminist DIY scene, Yngwie Malmsteen, my band Lavender Witch
  • SHB#13
    Team Dresch, Sleater-Kinney, my band Lavender Witch
  • SHB#12
    Feminist festival reports, sexism in music
  • SHB#11
    Feminist festival reports
  • SHB#10
    Festival festival reports
  • SHB#9
    Concert of L7, my former band Vagina Dentata, feminist festival report
  • SHB#8
    Feminist festival reports
  • SHB#7
    My former band Vagina Dentata
  • SHB#6
    How to play drums
  • SHB #5
    Bunnies On Strike
  • SHB#4
    Women’s liberation rock bands
  • SHB#3
    Guitar chords, feminist festival reports
  • SHB#2
    How to use Audacity for sound editing, feminist festival reports
  • SHB #1
    Feminist and queer festival reports

Check out the entire list of Same Heartbeats issues in my zine catalog.

Only 2 euros/issue + postage


Collection of writings and drawings taken from the first 10 years of ECHO zines. This includes the out of print zine series Flapper Gathering.

I wrote for example about punk and femininity, and included a local scene report.

Only 3 euro + postage

More info

Scissors & Chainsaws

Diary comic zine made during International Zine Month 2013 which features stories about my former band Vagina Dentata.

Only 2 euro + postage

More info

Letter Soup

This 24-hour-zine (it was made in a little over 24 hours) talks about a lot of things related to “words”: there are texts and images about subjects that range from radical cheerleading to consciousness-raising, from shyness to consent, and there is also a piece about the song “Words + Guitar” by Sleater-Kinney!

Only 2 euro + postage

More info

Dirty Lesbian

In this 24-hour-zine I wrote about lesbian/bi musicians I like among other things such as lesbophobia, a hate list, and favourite comics.

Only 1 euro + postage [I no longer sell this zine to cis men!]

More info

Some music fanzines by other zinesters that I can recommend:

And many others: read my reviews for more tips.

Coming soon:

  • Lavender Witch zine + CD
  • Same Heartbeats #16 and 17 with writings about Lavender Witch, Alice in Chains, my guitar pedals, and more.

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