Brandnew zines, fresh from the copy shop

I had to endure one paper cut and one paper jam while printing and reprinting several different zines last week… Oh, the hardships of the zine maker! What must we endure to get our zines out into the world and into your hands!

Among others, I reprinted the ever-popular From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls – my bestseller if I can call it that? I hope the two new zines will become equally loved and read!

I’m so proud of the split zine that Kirsty and I made together: Same Heartbeats #16/Forever Incomplete #12 is dedicated to “love” with plenty of hearts and passion on paper. We wrote about so many different things, from music to tv shows and crushes to friendship.

A little look inside Same Heartbeats #17…

I also finished #17 of my Same Heartbeats zine series! 17 already, wow! Inside you can find articles, photos, drawings, and comics about my adventures at Swindon Zine Fest & North West Zine Fest, my band Lavender Witch recording our first album, Chainsaw Bunny, podcasts, house plants, freelance stories, and more.

Get yours now!

Mail me at to place an order.

Price: 2 euro/zine + postage
Click here for prices including postage + more info.

Split zine also available from Kirsty’s webshop.

Thank you! ❤

As, you can see below, I hand-bind my zines. 🙂 No special book-binding techniques though, just simple tying to add some colour and keep the pages together. It also mean that every copy is very unique and hand-made!

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