Photo report of Journée pour la Défense de la Terre

Ugh, these are weird and scary times… So I distracted myself by writing a bit about an event I went to last month in Brussels:

On the last day of February, Jessica of Fake Breakdown Crafts and I tabled with our zines and crafts at the creative market at Journée pour la Défense de la Terre at Au Quai. I had a great time and I think Jessica did too. We had a good view over a wall on which shortfilms and documentaries were being projected about activist and anarchist struggles. We were surrounded by other creative people selling posters, books, and more. And there was a silkscreening station where I got a cool feminist T-shirt. Jelena who I had met at a zine workshop a while ago came by too and we explored the space some more. AuQuai has a great squatty vibe, is creatively decorated and I felt right at home.

Here are some more photos:

I made some new zine surprise bags:

Take care, stay safe, and please stay at home if you can!

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