Lockdown diary comic zine – work in progress

Since somewhere halfway in April I’ve been drawing a diary comic. The plan is to publish it as a zine soon – or better: a zine in at least 2 parts because I already have too many pages for just 1 zine! I’m enjoying making this comic so much I don’t want to stop yet.

In the comic I draw about what my life is like these days and how I deal with the (semi)lockdown. I guess it’s a mix of a perzine and a comiczine. 🙂 There is stuff about guerrilla gardening, having to go back to work, recording music at home, protests, and mini-adventures, while Chainsaw Bunny keeps me company.

I’m just looking for a title now… I have some ideas but haven’t made the final decision yet. I hope to release both parts some time in July.

As you may or may not know, International Zine Month will be upon us soon (July is dedicated to all-things-zine) and I intend to just continue drawing and make another comic diary zine during that month. Not sure if it will be part III of the lockdown diary comic (since there’s almost no lockdown left anymore at the moment) or a second issue of Scissors & Chainsaws. The first issue of Scissors & Chainsaws was made in July 2013 and I think it was also the first zine which featured Chainsaw Bunny.

More news soon!

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