New zine: “Confined” – a lockdown diary comic in 2 parts

ECHO has not 1 but 2 new zines out!

Confined is a diary comic zine in two parts about how I experienced the Covid-19 lockdown. Both zines talk about everyday things and little adventures like going on walks and drawing with friends, as well as political reflections. Both zines also feature Chainsaw Bunny.

Part I: April 19 – May 21

Part 1 of Confined tells the story of the (semi)lockdown starting from my birthday mid April. It includes a privilege list, things that brought me hope and joy since the beginning of the lockdown, a lockdown-themed bingo, and a playlist. The comic zine mentions how I celebrated my birthday, playing music at home, guerrilla gardening, eating fries, going back to work, online zine fests, feeling tired, printing zines, meeting friends, and more.

Part II: May 22 – June 30

In part 2 of Confined I started rehearsing again with my band Lavender Witch and we set up the pre-order for our debut album Awakening (it was released in July). My old band Vagina Dentata got together to record a song as well. There are also mentionnings of the zine mail I received, hanging out with friends, Black Lives Matter and anti-colonial protests, listening to Juliana Hatfield, and more. Finally, part 2 includes an easy lasagna recipe and a lockdown-themed playlist.

Each zine is 44 pages, A5 format. Printed on recycled paper with a light-brown cover and tied with red cotton thread.

How to get this zine?

Mail me if you want a copy.

Each zine costs 4 euros and both together is 8 euros (postage not included)*.

* It’s a bit more expensive than my usual zines because there are maaaany pages and I’d like to break even with the print costs…

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