IZM 2020 round-up – from making zines to shelfies!

International Zine Month (July) has ended about a week ago. Here is a little summary of things I did. I already posted about the first half of the month here. I didn’t do all the things I set out to do but that’s fine.


First of all I read a lot of super interesting and amazing zines!

Then onto the zines that were created during IZM:

I printed copies of the zines Confined #1 and 2 (lockdown diary comic zine in two parts):

I continued drawing the IZM diary comic that I will print and publish as Scissors & Chainsaws #2 soon!

The brandnew collective with_drawn released and printed their first zines: Communal Care (more info here) and the splitzine Capitalocene, Surplus Humanity, and Revolt / Dancing, Drawing, and Day Dreaming (I’ll write more about it soon), and more are on their way!

A friend invited me to make a(nother) splitzine…. to be continued! đŸ™‚

Other stuff:

I listened to some awesome talks at the Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair. They also showed the documentary Zine There Done That which I highly recommend to check out.

I took photos of my zine shelves – “shelfies” as Alex Wrekk who invented IZM calls them. Looks like an entire archive doesn’t it? Well, it kinda is… These shelves house the zines I’ve made myself as well as my zine collection. It’s a lot! I don’t have a living room. I have a zine room!

I’m also always curious to see other people’s zine collection and the way they display or store them.

So that was it for this year’s IZM!

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