Summer of zines: new ECHO zines

The Covid-19 quarantine has proved to be an excellent time to make zines for me. I made a bunch of of new ECHO publications and also collaborated on others.

It started small: in the beginning of the lockdown I created a mini-zine about herbs called Witches’ Brew #1 which allowed me to retain some connection to nature while staying mostly at home. Thanks to a herb patch at a local park, I could draw and write about rosemary, lemon balm, thyme, and other herbs, and create a little booklet.

From mid April I started drawing a diary comic that discussed the lockdown and how I spent my time. In the comic, I talk also about the political situation, my privileges, my band(s), and more. Confined became a zine in two parts. It really helped me to cope with this weird situation.

In July I continued drawing a diary comic for International Zine Month (IZM). Seven years ago I did the same thing and published it as Scissors & Chainsaws #1. This year’s IZM diary comic became #2 of Scissors & Chainsaws. Of course it also mentioned the lockdown/pandemic and other stuff apart from zines.

During these past few months, I’ve also collaborated with the with_drawn collective. I’ll post more about that later but you can already read about the Communal Care zine and the 24 hour split zine and visit the with_drawn website to take a look at the publications.

Have you been making zines too during the lockdown and pandemic? I’m curious to see them!

Get in touch if you want to order my zines:

Prices* for Confined #1+2, Scissors & Chainsaws #2, and Witches’ Brew #1:

  • All the zines including postage to Belgium: € 10,50
  • All the zines including postage to Europe**: € 17
  • All the zines including postage to outside of Europe**: € 18,50

*Prices valid until end of 2020.
**Contact me to check if the postal services deliver to where you live (because of Covid-19 some deliveries are restricted).

Take a look at my zine catalogue.

Mail me to place an order or if you have questions.


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