News & updates: zines, libraries, workshops, band, and my zinester anniversary

It’s been a long while since I’ve had any news to share here beyond the zines I’ve been making during the lockdown in the past few months. But now the end of the summer is approaching, there is some exciting stuff happening and not just online!

These announcements include a zine workshop I’ll be doing in October, zine library donations, news from my band Lavender Witch, and… an upcoming zinester anniversary!!



Not only have I been making lots of zines (Confined #1 and #2, Scissors & Chainsaws #2, and Witches’ Brew #2) and participated in collaborations with the new radical crafts/zine collective “with_drawn” (Communal Care, a 24 hour split zine, and a soon to be finished project) but…

I’ve also read some amazing self-published treasures! You can find out which zines I’ve been reading in the (recent) past here.

Exciting news coming from libraries:

It’s nice knowing your zines will be archived in zine libraries and made available to new audiences there. That’s why I donated some (more) zines to the Kunstenbibliotheek (Art Library) in Ghent (Belgium). They will open their doors to the public very soon again.

I also sent zines across the ocean. My “quaranzines” will be available at Barnard Zine Library in New York! They started a special collection of zines made by women and non-binary people about/during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Feminist library RoSa in Brussels (Belgium) wrote a piece about Emma Goldman and mentioned my women’s studies master thesis as recommended reading! That thesis, Hier & Nu: Anarcha-feminisme en Niet-Hiërarchisch Organiseren, is also available as a zine! Let me know if you want to order a copy. Or, of course, you can go read it in the RoSa library.

Zine workshops:

Time for some collective zining! On Sunday October 4th, I’ll give a (mini)zine workshop in Brussels (outdoors) and you’re welcome to join! The workshop is co-organised by huisvandeMens Brussel. It’s the first public offline zine event I’m doing since the lockdown! This free mini-zine workshop will be organised as corona-proof as possible: it will take place outdoors in Brussels and every participant gets their own kit of craft supplies to work with. Register to participate (limited number of participants)!

UPDATE: This workshop has been postponed!

More info:

//free workshop in ENG/NL, registration required//
What’s it like to walk through Brussels’ public spaces? What about the right to speak up, safety, street harrasment, the ability of being yourself and finding the right toilet? How does your favourite public meeting place / community space look like?
Reclaiming urban spaces for people is part of how we can humanize our cities and make our streets more communal. Let’s reclaim media first. In this workshop we explore social constructs of gender in public spaces through our own personal stories. Nina from Echo Zines teaches you how you can use your story to make and self-publish your own mini-zine. A zine is a self-published, non-commercial print-work often used as a form of self-expression and activism. So stop there wandering (through your mind or Brussels’ streets) and come make zines with us!
This workshop is free, but registration is required. Please send an e-mail with your name and telephone number to
We provide basic craft supplies. Feel free to bring scraps of wrapping paper, newspapers, old magazines, flyers, glue sticks, stamps, scissors and (glitter)markers.
*Non-binary, men, trans, cis women… everyone is welcome. Yes, you too!
This workshop will be organised covid-19-proof outside, with a limited number of participants and individual craft supplies boxes.


And more zine workshop plans are made as we speak…

Lavender Witch:

Not ECHO-related but I’d like to share some news about Lavender Witch, the band I play in. We just released our first official video for “Not My Sister”! Watch it here:


We’ll also be playing live again for the first time since February (not counting the livestream we did at Kinky Star in Ghent for the Gentse Feesten)! This socially-distanced concert will take place on Friday September 18th at Rockerill in Charleroi and it will be part of Concours Circuit, a band contest for which we have been selected! 😀 Check out the facebook event here.

Don’t forget to listen to our album “Awakening” on Bandcamp. You can order the CD and the digital download (and soon the tape) there or by contacting us directly via email or facebook.


In 2021 I’ll celebrate my 20-year-anniversary-of-making-zines. ❤ But what should I do to celebrate it? Do you have any ideas? Publish some kind of anthology? Organise a zine party? Go on a zine tour? … Please let me know your ideas!

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