Zines I’ve read in 2020 (September)

Here are all the zines I’ve read in September. Zines were a real comfort when I’ve had to spend more time indoors lately. I hope they can be for you too, wherever you are, whatever your situation. I’m so grateful that zines are a part of my life. ❤

I’ve also been reading some very good books lately about DIY stuff but I’ll share those in my end-of-the-year reading list.

Last month I had the pleasure to read a bunch of photo zines (a gift from a friend, thank you M!) and a lot of perzines (about relationship troubles, covid-19, the loss of a cat, mental health, studying in the UK, and much more). There was also a zine filled with lino prints and a manual on effective activist communication. So happy to have discovered all of these! ❤


Find out where you can get (some of) these zines under the photo:

Websites / webshops for some of the zines I’ve read:

If you are curious about my zines, here is a list of those that are still available.

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