New mini-zine – Do It Yourself Care: self-care during Christmas

Do It Yourself Care #3: self-care during Christmas

Do It Yourself Care #3 is a brandnew mini-zine about self-care during Christmas and other family gatherings and holidays. If you’re struggling during these times, this little booklet is for you. It’s filled with ideas and tips to make these days less dark, stressful, alienating, or frustrating. And there’s a bingo card and a playlist included as well. Doesn’t that sound like the best present you could give yourself and your friends?

This is the 59th release of ECHO (mostly zines, but also including a few tapes), woohoo. 🙂


8-page A7 folded mini-zine with a poster inside, printed in full colour

1 zine = 0,50 euro + postage

Trades welcome! Distros get in touch!

Mail me to place an order, to suggest a trade, or if you have any questions.

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  1. This looks absolutely lovely! I’m so happy you’re continuing this series. 🙂 And congratulations on having created so many amazing zines!

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