Zines I’ve read in 2020 (October)

Besides making zines during ZineWriMo 2020, I intend to read a lot of them. Here are some photos of the zines I read last month.

Again I read a diverse range of zines. Subjects include thoughts and reflections during the covid-19 pandemic, inspirational female film roles and female punk musicians, internet in the early days, working-class identity, comparing living in Portland and Amsterdam, dealing with anger, and the Mars exploration rover. There are also comics about working in a coffee shop, crushes, and self-reflection, and going to a queer camp as a young trans kid, and a zine filled with digital collages. More collages are featured in zines made by the participants and organisers of Swansea Zine Fest  zines featuring digital collages. Finally, I received a donation from a friend (see also the zines I read last month) with f.e. poetry zines, comics and illustration zines including one of Ward Zwart who sadly passed away last month.

Take a closer look… These are the zines I read in October 2020:

I recommend checking out these zines! Web shops and websites for some of them:

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