Looking for presents to give to friends or family? Here are some ideas…

Normally around this time of the year I would be participating in craft fairs and Christmas markets but that’s not possible due to Covid-19. But then, let’s do a giant online craft fair, right?

If you’re looking for presents to give to friends or family (or yourself) or postcards to surprise them or wish them well, I have some options available for you: original gift ideas hand-made by yours truly including postcards, zines, and music. Take a look at my table: 🙂




Lavender Witch “Awakening” album

Let’s start with some music: Lavender Witch, the band I play guitar in, released our debut album last summer and it is still available for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Nine enchanting feminist tunes influenced by punk, grunge, and riot grrrl bands that came before us, on CD and digital format. The CD version includes a 24-page zine with the lyrics, an interview, photos, and more.

10 euro + postage for the CD + zine
7 euro for the digital album

Mail to lavenderwitchband@gmail.com, go to our Bandcamp shop or get in touch with me to order the album.


Who doesn’t like receiving postcards in their mailbox? I sure do! And to receive a card, you’d best send one too!

I have plenty of designs, some featuring Chainsaw Bunny and others with a tree house, a protest, an octopus on a typewriter, cats and books, and more. Click on the photos or go to my postcards page.

1 euro + postage for 1 card
9 euro + postage for 10 cards

Mail me to order one or more cards

Brandnew postcards that just arrived:

Special Autumn 2020 mini-zine pack

This special bundle of mini-zines will keep you entertained during this season. It includes the following publications:

Only 3 euro + postage for 7 mini-zines!
It’s so cheap you could even order a few to give to all your friends and family!

All separate zines cost 0,50 euro each + postage.

The Autumn 2020 mini-zine pack is available to order until December 21st 2020. Mail me if you’re interested.

More zines and mini-zines

And I have a lot more zines available… Click here for a list of all the zines I still have in stock.

Subjects range from self-care and travelling to feminism and music. I’ve made comics, mini-manuals, political zines, perzines, and much more. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that appeals to you. Most of them are in English and some in Dutch and French. Prices vary between 0,50 and 4 euros.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to buy (or trade) some zines.

Thank you for visiting my virtual craft and zine fair. 🙂

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