Hand-made gift ideas made by friends (part 1)

In an earlier post, I mentioned my zines and postcards that could make great gifts, but I also want to introduce and advertise the work that some of my friends in the DIY/zine/queer/feminist world create. From zines to face masks, and jewelry to music, there’s something for everyone! This is part one so more will follow.

Recommended gift ideas made by friends:

I’m blessed with many amazing creative friends and acquaintances who inspire me daily! Here is only a handful of examples.

Add your own webshop in the comments! I’d be glad to check it out.

Fake Breakdown Crafts is Jessica’s project for all her creative work: that includes woven wall art that will look wonderful in your home, personal and literary zines (some that focus on mail-art and who doesn’t love snail mail?), and impressively looking hand-made journals. According to their facebook page, there is a discount on all their creations right now, so hurry and make use of it.

God Save The Queer produce zines about their personal journey through witchcraft and self-care as well as colourful witchy and queer jewelry like pendants and bracelets. Think rainbows, glitter, pentagrams, unicorns, and lovely little drawings. All very suitable as gifts for your loved ones or yourself.

Mandapunk is making all kinds of things out of fabric: from face masks, menstrual pads, and patches to tote bags and purses, with fun, cute, witchy and punk prints to brighten up your day (and the holidays). Manda also plays music in the dark riot grrrl band Judith Judah who’ve become one of my favourites. Listen to and buy their album on Bandcamp.

Seleena Laverne Daye makes objects out of felt (like portraits of Poly Styrene and the Disney witches, typewriters, and riot grrrl album covers) as well as embroideries, prints, and a wide range of amazing zines about being a brown girl, working-class experiences, asexuality, crisps, and of course crafts. I find all her work extremely inspiring and I’m sure you’ll do too.

All 90s-loving dykes (and everyone else), play attention: Vinyldyke is a multi-media project that is focused on music and queer-feminism. It has put out three issues of an awesome fanzine, cool silkscreened T-shirts and hoodies, tapes, and vinyl. Evelyn of Vinyldyke plays music herself in Passionless Pointless who will put out their debut album soon. Can’t wait!


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