ZineWriMo 2020 overview + online zine workshop

Hello there! Did you participate in ZineWriMo 2020 (Zine Writing Month = November)? How did it go for you? As expected I took things slowly, didn’t follow the official prompts list, didn’t regularly blog about ZineWriMo but did do quite some zine-related things.

The first day of November was the last day of the International Zine Librarian UnConference which took place online this year which was very convenient for me to participate. It was an excellent occasion to meet zine librarians and zinesters from across the world and attend interesting talks and discussions. I’m working on a drawing/page of all the things that stayed with me from that weekend. I’ll probably include it in one of my next zines…

Screenshot taken by Eline of Huis van de Mens Brussels

One big thing (well, it was big for me) I did during ZineWriMo was teach a zine workshop online for the first time ever! Eline of Huis Van De Mens Brussels suggested the idea and hosted it. We initially planned to do a live workshop outdoors but bad weather and covid quarantine got in the way. Online seemed like the safest, warmest, and best option and it was exciting to try teaching zines via video call. I had prepared an analog-digital presentation about what zines are, in which ways they can be politicial, and how you can get your zine to readers. Then we all got creative. The participants were all very enthusiastic about the theme “gender in public space” and had a lot of ideas and thoughts that they put in their wonderful mini-zines. In only a few hours each of them had made their own little publiciation which looked and sounded so beautiful, passionate, and interesting. Me too, I made a mini-zine. I wrote and drew about my solo music project Lost Luna and about taking space as a musician during lockdown. I’ll post more about that mini-zine soon… But now I just want to thank Eline and all the participants. I look forward to seeing their zines in print!

During the pandemic, video calls have been a welcome backup option to seeing people in real life, even if it’s not the same. I was happy to have some online zinester connections with my friend Clint (who I haven’t seen for a long time because of covid-19) and with Xyendra of Zippity Zinedra Press (we brainstormed and started making a split zine together) as well as a meeting of a regular international zinester/craftster group.

Apart from the split zine and the mini-zine, I also slowly worked on the third issue of my diary comic quaranzine Confined (the series goes on because, well, so does confinement).

Next, some zine-related creative projects: I designed new zine-themed buttons (as well as some music / Lost Luna themed ones) and two new postcards, just in time for the holidays! More info about both soon…

One of the ZineWriMo prompts I like most is showing your ideas books, because I’m a little bit obsessed with notebooks. So below is a photo of some notebooks I’ve been scrubbling in lately: The pink one with the blossom branches is my Lavender Witch notebook, with song title ideas, dreams, list of bands that inspire me, the current setlist, and more. The red one is one I like to carry with me everywhere I go, well, before covid… now it just sits on my living room table, next to the brown one which holds general ideas, notes, and to do lists. The big open notebook is my new Lost Luna notebook in which I write lyrics, zine and merch ideas, progress reports for recordings, and more.

And finally, I read a bunch of zines – of which I’ll post photos on this blog very soon – and I continued reading Things That Help, an anthology of the Doris zine by Cindy Crabb.

Things I failed to do (maybe some other time):

  • black out poetry
  • DIY creative residence (unless my daily life can be considered as such)
  • accomplish the official prompts list

Well, actually I did quite a lot of zine stuff… 😮

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