Zine collaborations in 2020

In a post I wrote a while ago, I mentioned all zines that I’ve made since the Covid-19 lockdown/pandemic started in March 2020 in Belgium. Around the same time that I worked on some of those zines in the beginning of the pandemic, an enthusiastic creative collaboration named “with_drawn” started…

The first zine that came out of this activist crafts collective focused on self-care and community care during high stress moments such as the current virus crisis. The zine is called Communal Care and it can be downloaded in pdf from the with_drawn website. If you want a paper copy, that is possible too – just send an email to with_drawn.

Another with_drawn collaboration resulted in a 24 hour split zine called Planet of Capitalocene, Surplus Humanity, and Revolt / Drawing, Dancing, and Day Dreaming. That means it was created in (more or less) 24 hours and consists of two halfs and two covers made by two different zinesters. The zine is a mix of political theory, song lyrics, personal reflections, and collages. We just wrote and created whatever we felt like at that moment. That’s often how 24 hour zines work. Thanks to the Brighton Zine Network for encouraging and inspiring us to make this zine.

With_drawn also has a translated text about Covid-19 that can be found on the website.

Finally, we made illustrations for a text about oppressed people/groups being targetted in activist collectives/communities and the various options and strategies to respond to and resolve the situation as a group or as an individual. That will be added to the website soon.

If you want to order any of these zines or have any questions, get in touch with with_drawn.

More plans being made as we speak…

During the lockdown I also contributed pages to the following (compilation) zines:

Of course there was also the Lavender Witch zine Awakening that I worked on with my band mates and at this very moment I’m working on a split zine with Xyendra of Zippity Zinedra Press but that will be finished and published next year.


It really has been a ziney year, even if there were some short pauses to recharge my creative battery. I hope to continue on this path next year because making stuff has helped me a lot to cope with the lockdown and pandemic.

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