All the zines and postcards that I’ve made in 2020

December and January are perfect months to reflect on the recent past and to look back at stuff that happened. In this post I will share all of the ECHO zines and postcards that I’ve made this year.

If you are interested in any of these zines or postcards, or others, get in touch.

Most of the zines shown here were featured in the recent Happy Mail video by Sea Green Zines which you can watch here. ❤


Scroll down for an as of yet unreleased mini-zine…

(I’ve also worked on collaborative zines with With_drawn and contributed to other zines as you can read in a previous post).

More zines


  • Home-recording
  • Chainsaw Bunny with cake

More postcards

This final little mini-zine – Lost Luna #1 – was made during the virtual workshop I did in November. I haven’t officially released it yet, only given it to a few friends so far. I might wait till next year and make it available in a little merch gift bag including music and some surprises. Watch this space!

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