Lavender Witch in 2020 (album, video, and more)

So you may or may not know that I play guitar and do backing vocals in a band called Lavender Witch since we were founded in 2017. This feminist band is based in Brussels and plays a mix of punk, doomy grunge, indiepop, and 90s alternative rock with feminist, personal, and political lyrics.

Like for every other band, 2020 was a strange year for us. But despite the ongoing pandemic, we still managed to do some fun stuff like play a livestream concert, make a video, and release our debut album Awakening. We also started rehearsing and playing (a few) shows with our new fantastic drummer Nathalie, were interviewed for several alternative media (zines, webmagazines, radio shows, vlogs…), and continued working on new songs.

So we tried to make the most of the situation. Curious about what the past year was like for us? Read about our 2020 adventures in more detail on the blog of Lavender Witch.

Here are some photos of Awakening, our album and zine:


Hope to see you soon again in the frontrow! (In the meantime, we love being featured in your zines, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, webmagazines, magazines, radio shows, or other media 🙂 )

Here you can find and follow Lavender Witch online:

(this old photo features our previous drummer Emy, still our 6th band mate)

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