Same Heartbeats zines on Bandcamp

Hello and happy Bandcamp day! Today, like all first Fridays of the month in 2020, Bandcamp gives their share of the sales to the artists and bands. So I thought, why not add some zines to the Lost Luna / Echo Zines webshop on Bandcamp?

You can now buy a set of 13 postcards (all postcards I’ve made so far) and a bundle of 5 Same Heartbeats zines (issues #13-17) in my Bandcamp shop.

I know I’ve written before about why I hesitated about opening a webshop for my zines but this way I have both options available: it’s possible to buy any zines and postcards by contacting me via email or facebook message OR you can buy postcard and zine bundles on Bandcamp. The choice is yours!

Because Bandcamp is mostly targeted at bands and musicians, I’ll use it for Lost Luna music and merch too. More news of Lost Luna soooooon… For now, take a look at the webshop! ❤

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