Zines I’ve read in 2021 (January)

2021 has started and it’s my plan to read at least 210 zines this year. That new year’s resolution will likely be succesful because I’ve already read a few dozen this month! Probably more than during any other “Zines I’ve Read” editions that ever came before…

Take a look at those amazing covers! Wouldn’t you be tempted to read them? And they are pretty on the inside too, and interesting, and engaging, and entertaining, and funny. So much creativity, that’s typical for zinesters. They are creative with words, images, layouts, binding, folding (there are some very peculiarly folded zines among this selection), printing techniques… And what can you find inside? Writings, collages, and drawings about menstruation, the cartoon show Daria, suffragette herstory in Leeds, how dating women is nicer than dating men, how to make the most of “working” from home, how to support bands in the digital age, riding a trike as a fat woman, travelling to Vienna, what it’s like to be a rural queer, life stories from working-class people of colour, phrases that minimise abuse within queer circles, and so much more.

More photos and contact details below:



Virtual places where you can find (most of) these zines:


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2 Responses to Zines I’ve read in 2021 (January)

  1. Yurena says:

    Thank you so much for always taking the time to add the contact details, a lot of interesting zines you have read this year so far!!

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