ValenZines: zines to give to friends or lovers

So Valentines is coming up and in my opinion that’s an excellent moment to make a zine for someone you love, write a zine about your crush, and/or publish a zine about love, friendship, or relationships.

I have a few zines in stock that could make excellent gifts too:

(Not that I want to contribute to the overcommercialisation of February 14th and I mostly encourage you to make your own gifts but I’m quite proud of these zines)

First there the splitzine I made with Kirsty: her half is called Forever Incomplete and mine is Same Heartbeats. We decided on the theme of “love” and approached it very widely, writing about fandom, friendships as well as crushes and relationships, food, favourite places in Berlin, films and TV shows, Pokemon, music (bands I love as well as guitar pedals), and of course: my love for zines.

Then there is the popular mini-zine (because everyone loves Chainsaw Bunny…): Chainsaw Bunny Hates Everyone. Don’t be scared of the title, or of this little innocent bunny. She only occasionally bites.

Get in touch if you are interested in any of these zines or if you have any questions.

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