Interview at Superbeast podcast

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by, or better: had a conversation with, the people behind Superbeast podcast. It was fun to talk about art, music, zines, politics, and the ongoing pandemic. I also chose a few songs that they played on the show and they even invited me to make a jingle for the podcast! Listen to Episode 15 here and check their previous jingles on Bandcamp.

More info and the zines we reviewed:

“Episode 15 of the beast has landed! We’re joined by guest Nina Echozina – Belgium zine-maker, illustrator and guitarist from Lavender Witch.

We chat news, coping in lockdown, vaccines, Brexit issues, child poverty, porpoises, Handforth Parish Council, eating mealworms, Marilyn Mansun, unborn concept music, music, art, science, illustrations, TV and films playing punk, rock and indie music, unleash some awesome new jingles and review zines from around the world!

Tunes this month are from: Lavender Witch, Bobby Funk, Juliana Hatfield and Tights in Space.

Available on most pod platforms.”

Zines that were mentioned and reviewed in the podcast:

Burg who makes makes Cartoons from the Pit zine reviewed:

Nina of Echo Zines reviewed:


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