One year since confinement – making quaranzines

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown several calls for contributions for quaranzines have been launched. While the pandemic keeps spreading and a lot of us are still (or again) in some kind of lockdown situation, making zines as well as reading about other people’s experiences can bring some relief. I’ve made or contributed to several quaranzines myself, which you can find below. I’ve also gathered some resources for online zines, creative ideas, and mental health support.


Finished and work-in-progress quaranzines that I made or contributed to:

Zines I’m working on or have made/helped make:

Zines I’ve contributed to:

Look around for calls for contributions for quaranzines (or vacczines! đŸ™‚ ).

More quaranzines that exist out there in the zine world:

+ Free zine downloads on this blog

More useful info, ideas, resources, and quarantainment:

There’s a lot more out there but it’s impossible for me to know or list all the quaranzine projects that exist so please add anything you’ve heard of or made yourself in the comments!

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