Reviving Lost Luna – my one-grrrl-band

Lost Luna is the name I invented for my “one-grrrl-band” or solo music project 20 years ago or so. Ever since I was in my mid/late teens, I wanted to play in a band and write and record songs. But because it took a while to find band mates with a similar musical taste and DIY-attitude (or anyone who lived nearby, played an instrument and wanted to jam at all), I decided to start making music on my own. I’ve since played in a few bands – now in the amazing Lavender Witch – but from time to time I still pick up where I left off with Lost Luna.

Read on for memories from the “early days” and my current plans:

In the summer of 2002 I helped organise a Ladyfest (DIY feminist festival) in Leuven. I had started making zines the year before and was busy trying to home-record some music as well. To announce my newly founded “Echo Records/Zine Press” and its projects at that Ladyfest and at other events and places, I made an old-school cut-and-paste hand-drawn black-and-white-printed flyer. One of the projects and plans that I announced on that flyer was the release of a demo by Lost Luna: “The demo of my one-girl-band will be out soon!” Soon, sure, that was almost 19 years ago…

Since 2002 I’ve made plenty of zines under the Echo banner but that demo never got finished. Procrastination, not enough motivation, finding it easier to write/draw/print zines than record/mix/release an album, and later on having more creative fun playing in bands – all of this can explian the delay of putting out a tape or CD for 19 years. (In the past 2 decades I did put a few bedroom recordings of my songs on MySpace but it was never an “album” or even an “EP”). However, recently I’ve started working on Lost Luna home-recordings again. Hashtag lockdowngoals!

Early 2020 I decided to (re)work on some Lost Luna songs. Having recently acquired a drum machine guitar pedal (Digitech Sdrum) helped and encouraged me to write and record music at home. Then the covid-19 pandemic hit and the ensuing lockdown motivated me even more to continue home-recording and try to finish that demo. It became impossible to rehearse with Lavender Witch for a long periods of time during the past year (and still is) so this seemed like the right moment. But after a while, procrastination, occasional lack of confidence, and feeling like my songs and the way I played and recorded them wasn’t good enough for anyone to hear got in the way again and slowed down the process… In October, as a musicial alternative for Inktober, I tried to force myself to do “something” for Lost Luna almost every day and even though it didn’t help a lot, it did give me a spark of inspiration for the next months during which I really started to make some progress. My home-recording endeavor was also inspired and encouraged by listening to other indie, DIY, and self-recording musicians (like She Makes War / Penfriend and Juliana Hatfield) as well as by supportive and creative friends.

A while ago I made a page for Lost Luna on Bandcamp, just as a test. I’ve recently started using it to sell postcards and zine bundles but now it’s ready to release Lost Luna’s music too. Bandcamp is such a supportive platform for DIY and indie artists. Very user-friendly and with the Bandcamp Fridays that were started around the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, they’ve helped artists and bands survive.

So, soon there will be a new chapter in this loooong journey. Lost Luna’s first EP “Shadow Play” will be released on April 2nd on Bandcamp. It will be a digital release (only) but I’m also working on merch bundles including mini-zines, buttons, and postcards. More news about that soon on this blog!

PS. I’m also writing about the adventures of Lost Luna in my Confined zine series which I’ve been drawing since mid April 2020.

Where to find Lost Luna: 


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