Lost Luna mini-zines #1-3

I’m announcing a new mini-zine* series: Lost Luna Zine and as you may or may not know, #1 + 2 + 3 are already out!

Lost Luna is the name of my solo music project and I felt like making some zines to go along with the music:

  • I made the first issue of the Lost Luna mini-zine series last year during an online zine workshop I gave in collaboration with the organisation Huis Van De Mens Brussels. It’s about being a musician in lockdown and reclaiming space in a cismale-dominated music scene.
  • The second issue features the lyrics of the songs of Lost Luna’s Shadow Play EP and the stories behind the songs.
  • The third issue of Lost Luna Zine focuses on some of the bands and artists who’ve been inspiring me lately while recording Shadow Play at home. #2 and #3 were both made in March, to celebrate Mini-Zine March.

For now, these mini-zines are only for sale as part of two bundles together with a download of the Shadow Play EP. The regular merch bundle includes a home-recording-themed postcard and 4 Lost Luna buttons, and the deluxe merch bundle contains a few additional mini-zines and postcards as well. More info here.

  • Buy the zines, merch, and music and/or listen to Lost Luna on Bandcamp.
  • More info on Lost Luna’s blog and this blog.


I’m already plotting new issues (as well as new songs) as we speak! Subscribe to this blog or my Bandcamp page or follow my on Facebook to be kept up to date!

* Mini-zines usually consist of an A4 sheet of paper folded and cut into an A7 booklet.


“Making of” photo of #1:

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