Zineversary – 20 years of making zines!

Twenty years ago I made my very first zine… yes, 20 years! That’s a longer period of time than the time before when I didn’t make zines yet! In total I’ve made and printed 60 zines for ECHO Zines so far (just finished making #60 which I will announce on this blog very soon and I’m already working on a few new ones), collaborated on many others, and also released 3 tapes. I don’t mean to boast about these numbers, this is just proof of my long-term and ongoing obsession and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Punk Feminist Mini Zine was the name of my first zine baby. On the cover it says “summer of 2001” but I don’t remember a more specific publishing date or birthday. I’ll post some photos of that zine and other early ECHO publications soon.

So I guess I should do “something” this year or this summer for that zine anniversary? Read on for my current ideas…

How should I celebrate my zineversary?


Make an anniversary zine:

  • publish an anthology or best-of in zine format (Echotopia #2?)
  • publish a party (mini)zine
  • make an ECHO catalogue zine
  • compile a zine with quotes and drawings by readers about ECHO zines
  • make a zine with interviews with creative zine pals
  • write about ECHO zine herstory
  • (or some combination of all of the above?)
  • assemble zine surprise bags and deluxe surprise bags (I think I’ll do this for sure)

Do other creative stuff:

  • write a zine-themed song
  • record or participate in a zine podcast (I was already invited to chat on a few podcasts this year which was amazing ❤ )
  • make new ECHO buttons (already working on that)
  • something that was on my to do list for 19 years: record and release a Lost Luna demo EP (already checked this box in April and I’m working on new songs for more EPs)

Challenge myself to try new things:

  • participate in an online zinester open mic by making a zine reading video (just did that at Virtual Swansea Zine Fest 2021!)
  • go on a zine tour (post-covid – so probably not realistic for this year)
  • do a zine residence (could be DIY organised?)

Organise an event:

  • organise a (virtual) zine party (but I’m not skilled at organising stuff like this…)
  • organise a virtual zine crafternoon (anyone up for participating?)
  • organise zine treasure hunt (sounds like fun but not sure yet how to do that)
  • organise a zine picnic (could be fun in the summer)

Online stuff:

  • contest/poll to win a zine
  • blogpost with pictures and stories from my oldest out-of-print zines

Other ideas?


(these are not even half of all the zines I’ve ever made…)

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