Contributions: drawings I’ve made for other zines and projects

I make a lot of zines on my own but sometimes I contribute to other zines as well. I’m also an illustrator so I regularly make illustrations for a variety of projects. I actually have a blog for my drawings but I don’t keep it up to date very well… So instead I’d like to make a list of recent illustrations here (even if just so I don’t forget).

Here are some zines and other projects I’ve recently made drawings for:


Coin-operated Christmas Zine Fair zine by Coin-Operated Zine Press

Check the webshop of Coin-Operated Zine Press to buy this zine. You can see photos of the cover of this zine in my recent “zines i’ve read” post.

My contribution is also part of my self-care during Christmas mini-zine:


Five By Five: a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine by Vampire Hag distro

Keep an eye on the Vampire Hag website for news about the release of this zine.

(A while ago, I also contributed to the Halloween-themed anniversary zine of Vampire Hag).


Indien Nodig Mieren Toevoegen book by Evelien Victor

I drew that ant on the cover. 🙂 The book is a memoir-style novel about a stay at a psychiatric hospital with lots of dark humour, a critical view, and honest reflections.

Buy the book online here


Potcast podcast

Potcast is a podcast that focuses on lesbian culture and media. I made this banner for their facebook page.

Listen here.


Queer Dictionary Zine by the Feminist Library

A dictionary full of queer words, containing artwork, poetry and other writing styles. I made a page about the Dutch word “pot”.

Buy the zine online here


Vinyldyke zine

I drew about “macho metal dysphoria” and there are images of my band Lavender Witch included. ❤

Buy all issues (because you need them all!) in their webshop.


Whale/Mega (?) zine

This zine isn’t finished yet (I’m also not sure about the title?). 1/3 of it was made during a recent workshop by Les Voizines.


Xerography Debt zine

The editor of XD asked zinesters to send in self-portraits to put on the cover, so I sent them an image of myself surrounded by zines and books. 🙂

More info and how to order here.


Yes But zine

You can download the pdf here

Yes But is a zine filled with postcards that people sent to Jess, the editor of the zine. On the back of the postcards everyone wrote about some good things that happened to them during lockdown. I sent in this postcard:

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