Echo news overview: what have I been up to (June 2021)

I haven’t done one of these updates in a while but now there are a bunch of things I’d like to share. So this is a list of news and announcements about projects I’ve been involved in lately, going from zine readings, exhibitions, and virtual zine fests to illustrations, podcasts, and music.

Even though the pandemic and semi-lockdown are still going on, I’m lucky to find a lot of options to remain creative and do stuff from home. It’s what gets me through these days and puts a smile on my face (same in non-lockdown times actually – seems like my life hasn’t changed that much). Please stay safe & enjoy reading my Echo “newsletter”:

More or less recently, I contributed illustrations for a bunch of zines and other projects, including:

  • some of the drawings for the “Check your corona privilege” checklist, an article and instagram post written by activists which raises important questions and considerations about privilege during the pandemic and lockdown.
  • the illustration for the cover of the debut novel/memoir by Evelien Victor “Indien Nodig Mieren Toevoegen“. (Someone should translate and release it in English and other languages – it’s sooo good!).
  • the banner image for Potcast, a podcast by a friend about lesbian culture and media.
  • and contributions for several zines: read more about them here.

In the meantime I’m making progress on my own zines: I’ve just finished the new issue of Same Heartbeats (#18) which is a 24-hour-zine and I’ve also made some mini-zines (and buttons) for my solo music project Lost Luna. At the moment I’m working on Confined #3 AND #4 and several mini-zines.

Talking about Lost Luna, my solo debut EP called “Shadow Play” is out since April 2021. I’ve had such lovely responses to the songs! You can listen here. By the way, I also sell postcards, zines, and merch bundles in my Bandcamp shop.

More music news: Lavender Witch is still in lockdown like most of the rest of the world but we hope to meet up soon. You can find all (future) Lavender Witch news on our facebook, instagram, and blog.

Aren’t podcasts kind of like the audio version of zines? 🙂 I’ve had the honour and joy to be invited to two podcasts so far this year: Superbeast podcast (based in the UK) and Cidade das Mulheres (from Brazil). ❤

Zine library news: Last year some of my zines were added to the collection of Fonds Suzan Daniel (I forgot to mention it before). I was also honoured that my zine Confined #2 was selected by Les Voizines for their zine display at the art library Kunstenbibliotheek in Ghent (Belgium). Because of covid, at the moment the library is only accessible for students and staff so I haven’t been able to see it myself. Most public libraries are open in Belgium at the moment though and the public library of Sint-Niklaas (also in Belgium) is organising an exhibition about music and fandom called FAN ZIJN. A few of my zines that focus on music can also be seen there, along with issues of Vinyldyke zine and other punk fanzines. The exhibition is open until June 20th (you can book online to visit in the weekend or just go during library hours).

On to zine fests which are all virtual these days: Swansea Zine Fest put out a call for zine workshops and talks and I decided it was time to try doing a zine reading! Of course this was a virtual edition, so I had to prerecord it in front of a camera but that was a good first step! Anyway, I’m proud of myself. 🙂 Part of Swansea’s programme was a 24 hour zine challenge during which I made the 18th issue of Same Heartbeats (see above). I’ll have more zine reading news to share with you soon… At this moment Coin-Operated Press’ Virtual Birthday Zine Fair is happening (until June 20th) for which I’m tableing and for which I was interviewed. I like how each virtual zine fest has their own approach and how they keep inventing new ways to connect us online through zines.

I’m happy and honoured to see that Sea Green Zines reviewed some more of my zines: Witches’ Brew #1 and Do it yourself care #3. Their website is such a valuable resource for zine reviews, calls for contributions, happy mail zine videos, and more!

And finally, some zine distro news: Some of my recent Echo zines as well as the with_drawn zines are now distributed by Pen Fight and Vampire Hag (both UK distros).


Alright, I think that was it for now… I’m gonna take a nap…


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