20 years of Echo Zines: the first zine I ever made

For the occasion of my zinester anniversary (20 years of making zines! 😮 ), I want to write about my zine journey. This blogpost will tell you all about the first zine I ever made:

Punk Feminist Mini-Zine is the name of my very first zine. It was published in the summer of 2001 (so the cover says) and handed out for free at some local punk and hardcore shows (and maybe traded with some riot grrrls I met online?). I vaguely remember I copied it in a local office supplies shop and had no clue how everything worked but the person who ran the shop was helpful. It took a long time to plan this zine, write down ideas, brainstorm about the format – things I still enjoy about the zine-making process.

Punk Feminist Mini-Zine is a short read about what riot grrrl is, a riot grrrl time line, lists of bands/zines/websites/venues/etc, and T-shirt print ideas, featuring a drawing of Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney on the cover. The “bored? tired?” refers to a stunt that L7 did when they booked a small plane with a banner that said “bored? tired? try L7” to fly over Lilith Fair.

At the time it was my wish to build a local (or Belgian) riot grrrl chapter or anarcha-feminist collective and make a collective zine together. That chapter took a few years to form but in the meantime a Dutch riot grrrl friend  and I created a (very early 00s-looking) website for “Riot Grrrl Belgium” which included lists of female-fronted bands and feminist projects, concert reviews, DIY ideas, guitar tabs, and more.  Of course I also kept making zines, even if I edited most of them on my own…

Punk Feminist Mini-Zine is no longer for sale and I don’t think there are even any copies in a zine library or archive. It must be my rarest zine as well as my first. 🙂 However, you can read an excerpt from it in Echotopia, the zine I made to celebrate my 10 year zine anniversary. I’m considering creating and releasing a second issue of Echotopia soon for my 20th zineversary. To be continued…


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