International Zine Month 2021 – my webshop(s)

To have or not to have a webshop…

Today’s International Zine Month prompt is about online zine shops so I’m going to present you mine even though I have been hesitant to start one up:

“Buy direct! Do you sell your zines online? Update your shop and post a link to it online so people can get your zines directly from you. Don’t have a zine? Buy directly from someone who posts a link to their shop.”

A while ago I wrote an article on this blog (and in my zine Same Heartbeats #15) about why I didn’t want to set up a webshop for my zines. In short, I prefer readers to email or message me directly to order my zines instead of paying extra fees to the likes of Etsy & co. I might also find it more stressful to keep up with orders (in case there would be a lot more traffic) and I enjoy the more personal and slightly slower element of emails and messages. No offense to anyone who does sell zines through Etsy or other webshops though, I do recognise its advantages and use them as a customer.

A little after I wrote that article, I made a Bandcamp page to share the music of my solo music project Lost Luna. And then I thought: “why not give this online zine shop thing a try?”. So now you can buy a few zine/postcard bundles in my Bandcamp shop! Not every individual zine though because I’ve made so many and because I don’t want to charge more for them to cover the extra fees but there are now options for people who prefer to buy zines this way.

So anyway, if you want to buy my zines, you can still email me but you can also check what I have available in my small but growing webshop…

Check my shops:

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