International Zine Month 2021 – halfway overview!

Hello there! How are you? Are you enjoying International Zine Month too? Here is a little overview of the things I did so far this month and things I still plan to do:

What did I do so far?

  • I’ve been trying to do most of the prompts from the official International Zine Month list by Stolen Sharpie Revolution. For example, on day 1, I shared my definition of zines and my plans for this month.
  • The next day I announced my participation in Queer Zest Zine Fest, a virtual queer zine event.
  • On July 4th, I made a list of some of my favourite zines made by BIPOC zinesters.
  • As I do every month, I posted photos and information about the zines i’ve read the month before: bulk zine review enthusiasm!
  • In another blogpost you can discover how to buy my zines online: in my Bandcamp shop and by contacting me via email, while you can see the entire list of my available zines in my catalog.
  • July 10th was snail mail day! During the first half of this month, I’ve sold and swapped a few zines as well as arranged two in-person deliveries. Hello, I’m your local zine dealer!
  • I updated my information on ZineWiki, the Wikipedia of zines!
  • I did my second (virtual) zine reading ever! I read excerpts from Confined #1 for the London College of Communication library’s zine collection, as part of their International Zine Month programme. I was really honoured to be asked to be a part of it (thanks Holly!) and felt it was good for me to try do something I had little experience with and was quite nervous about.
  • Two zine pals and I had a nice creative crafternoon/craftevening (depending on the time zone) to chat about and make zines together. ‚̧
  • I bought new drawing pens and gluesticks (almost ran out of both in the middle of zineing!) and washitape (to treat myself for entering the scary busy city centre!).
  • I’ve been drawing a lot for my Confined diary comic zine series. Almost finished drawing #3 and #4, and then I still need to edit, layout and print the zines.
  • I’m still on schedule with my goal of reading at least 1 zine a day this month!
  • I’m also posting a lot on this blog (sorry to spam you!) and on social media.
  • Tonight, I followed an online zine workshop by Seleena Laverne Daye organised by Andro & Eve! It was so much fun hear Seleena talk about zines, to make mini-zines together, to see and hear what other participants made, and also to see zine pal Phoebe there! We all made mini-zines with the theme “joy” and because mine isn’t finished yet I’ll continue working on it during the rest of this month.

What am I up to for the rest of the month?

  • Explain why I love zines by making yet another list. ūüôā
  • Trade more zines.
  • Assemble a bunch of surprise zine bags and make zine-themed buttons.
  • Make and distribute a new flyer for my Echo zine project.
  • Reorganise my zine collection and post a “shelfie”.
  • Continue working on Confined #3 and #4.
  • Start making Echotopia #2 to celebrate my 20th zine anniversary!
  • Talk about zine libraries for International Zine Library Day (July 21st).
  • Watch zine-related youtube channels.
  • Keep blogging.
  • I’d like to add a new IZM prompt for myself (and anyone else who’d like to join in): explore the link between zines and music any way you want! Talk about your favourite music fanzines, make a music fanzine yourself, discuss the connection between music subcultures and zines, make a zine month playlist, write a zine-themed song… It can be anything!
  • and who knows what else…

International zine fun!

I’m not the only zinester in the world celebrating IZM in July. Here are some other zinesters who are participating in International Zine Month and posting about it regularly online:

Check out what they’ve been up to!

(Leave your blog/social media in the comments if you are participating too!)



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5 Responses to International Zine Month 2021 – halfway overview!

  1. Hadass420 says:

    Thank you for linking me!
    As always, I’m in awe at your productivity. And your prompt about zines and music sounds interesting. I know I’ll be putting together a zine-making playlist for this month because I enjoy zine production a lot more with music in the background.
    Enjoy the rest of IZM! ‚̧

    • rebelsister says:

      You’re welcome! I think it mostly “looks” like I’m very productive but I’m having a lot of fun writing these blogposts and making the images to go with it. That’s supercool you’re making a playlist! Will you share it on your blog? Happy IZM to you too!

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