International Zine Month 2021 – L7 zines

A few days ago, I decided to invent a new International Zine Month prompt to encourage myself and others to delve into the relationship between zines and music. The idea of this prompt is that you can do or make (and/or share online) anything relating to music and zines. This can include making a playlist about zine-related songs, researching the herstory of zines in music subcultures, marveling over your favourite music fanzines, or making a zine about your favourite band. I invite you to participate and post about it online before the end of July (and let me know about it)!

Read on to find out what I did for this prompt…

My interpretation for this prompt was to look at all the L7 zines I have in my zine collection, including my own. I love reading fanzines about bands I like but I usually find very few of them (for example I would love to read fanzines about Veruca Salt!). Some of my favourite bands and artists make their own zines like (members of) Big Joanie, Matrak Attakk, Passionless Pointless, Penfriend/She Makes War, Petrol Girls, and Respect My Fist. I would like to see more of that too!

And so… L7? They are and have been one of my absolute favourite bands since I was a teenager and I wish they’d make their own zine(s) too! I bet they’d have great stories to tell and great artwork to share (f.e. bassist Jennifer Finch is a photographer). But alas, not yet anyway. Luckily I do know of a few (fan)zines that have featured L7 in their pages and I’m going to mention them here:

  • I Wanna Be Yr Grrrl
    Bilingual (English-Portugese) riot grrrl zine from Brazil which is an important voice for the contemporary global DIY feminist alternative music scene. The author is a big fan of L7 which you can see on her social media too.
  • Vinyldyke
    Queer-feminist grunge zine with lots of resources, fan enthusiasm, and DIY spirit. It’s somewhere in between a fanzine, a perzine, and an info zine, and has great stories about L7 and other bands. Some stories are available on social media as well.
  • The Probe
    Music fanzine from 1991 that was donated to me a while ago. So precious! While I was looking around to see if I could find any info about this zine online, I found it’s downloable and readable in its entirety on the Queer Zine Archive Project, and there seem to be more zines that mention L7! ❤

If you know of any other zines about L7, please let me know!!

So it’s clear by now I really love L7. They are cool, funny, wild, have a great guitar sound and melodies, and good politics (feminist, pro-choice, left-wing, anti-war, you know what I mean). I’ve seen them play live three times (the 4th concert was cancelled due to the pandemic), own nearly all of their albums and some merch, and they’ve been extremely influental on my guitar playing. I guess I should make an L7 fanzine one day as well… In the meantime, I can show you my zines in which I’ve written about L7 and drawn them:

  • From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls
    The zine that tell the story of my journey as a music fan from listening to the Spice Girls to riot grrrl, punk, alternative rock, and more, including – of course- L7! 
  • Same Heartbeats #9
    This is a splitzine with Artificial Womb so it fits a bit with today’s official IZM prompt about splitzines (one day I should make a blogpost about all the splitzines I’ve done so far but first I’d like to make some more!). Inside there’s a concert report of L7’s concert in Paris and a drawing I did of Jennifer Finch.
  • Same Heartbeats #11
    In this zine you can find a concert report of L7 when they played in Hasselt, Belgium. 
  • Confined #1
    This is my lockdown diary comic zine and inside I mention L7 a few times, in particular their video for the cover song “Fake Friends”. For the video they launched a call to contribute fan art and photos and they used photos by the zinester of I Wanne Be Yr Grrrl as well as a drawing I made for Same Heartbeats #9!

You can find more of my music zines here.

3 thoughts on “International Zine Month 2021 – L7 zines

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  1. This is awesome! And I can’t wait to check out your music taste. I really like Riot Grrrl music but I have a hard time getting into it and knowing where to start. There was a riot grrrl playlist in a zine I was reading called Alien In Disguise that was really helpful for that, and now I’ve got more with you (if you have recs, let me know! Or a playlist because I’m lazy!)

    Your prompt inspired me to officially finish my They Might Be Giants fanzine. It’s about their album Lincoln. I’ve had the artwork done for MONTHS and I’ve just had to write about each song and lay it all out and for whatever reason I just never got around to it. But I took this prompt as a sign and it’s all done now! I put it on Gumroad if you want to check it out:

    1. Thanks! I sometimes include playlists in my zines too and here is a playlist I recently posted on this blog:
      I should make a “real” playlist on youtube some day (i’m not on spotify so i never use that) but besides L7 I can also recommend the Lunachicks, 7 Year Bitch, Veruca Salt, and Babes in Toyland as classic 90s rock/punk bands.

      That’s so great you just made a music fanzine (and that my prompt helped to encourage you)! Gonna check it out now!

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