International Zine Month 2021 – work in progress

How’s zine month going for you? I’ve been enjoying myself so far, reading and making zines, and posting about zine stuff on this blog

I’m skipping today’s official International Zine Month prompt, “write a letter or online post about your IZM2021 experience” (see Stolen Sharpie Revolution), because I will summarise my #IZM2021 experience in a later blogpost.

So instead, I’ll give you some glimpses of the zine projects I’m currently working on:

  • Do it Yourself Care #4
  • Confined #3 and 4
  • New buttons

Mini-zine: Do it yourself care #4: Joyful girl – where I find joy

I started making this mini-zine [see photo above] during an inspiring and fun virtual zine workshop by zinester Seleena Laverne Daye organised by Andro & Eve, a queer arts organisation in Sheffield. Seleena explained what zines are, showed examples, and showed how you can make your own. The workshop participants were then encouraged to make a mini-zine with the theme “joy”. Recently, I had been listening to old albums of Ani DiFranco and she has a song called “Joyful Girl” so I thought I’d use that as a subtitle for another issue of Do It Yourself Care. It felt good to think about some positive stuff while things are obviously quite hard these days…

I still haven’t finished this mini-zine but hopefully that will happen some time next month…

Zines: Confined #3 and #4

Slowly I’m making progress into finishing the 2 new issues of Confined, my lockdown diary comic zine. It’s fun to draw and document everything but also a LOT of work. If you want to support my work or you’re curious to read them, you can order the previous issues (for yourself or as a present). I’ll probably put up a pre-order and a bundle for the new issues soon to help finance the printing costs.

I assumed that #4 would be the last issue but I guess I’ll have to start issue #5 soon as the pandemic isn’t over and future (semi)lockdowns are still possible… I’m starting to get a bit tired of drawing of this comic and of course even more tired of the ongoing pandemic so please please please get vaccinated and keep following the recommended measures to help stop the virus! I want to make other non-pandemic-related zines! (And mostly I want everyone to be safe and well).


It was one of my IZM plans to make and release zine-themed buttons. I had already made some designs before July but it felt appropriate to announce them now. Some of the new buttons say “zine queen”, “I made a purrzine”, “make your own media”, “queercore”, and “echo zines”, and others feature Chainsaw Bunny and an octopus at a typewriter (I’ve also got postcards with some of the same designs). I’m adding the buttons to the Zine Month Surprise Bags and they are also available separately for €1,50 + postage (mail me to place an order). Some other designs are part of the Lost Luna merch bundles and can be ordered separately too.

Recently I’ve also made “got my vaccine” buttons to hand out to friends and to pin on every surface of my clothes and bag. There seem to be so many misconceptions about vaccines and about how to fight the pandemic (wishing it to disappear or pretending to be invincible are unsuccesful strategies I’m afraid) so I decided to make some oldschool punk propaganda. 🙂 If you would like to buy a “got my vaccine” button, they are available for a small donation of your choice + postage.

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