20 years of Echo Zines: the Flapper Gathering series

I’m not only celebrating International Zine Month this summer but also my zine anniversary (aka zineversary)! So for today’s prompt “HallowZine! Remember zines and zinesters that are no longer with us” I’m going to focus on some of my own ancient out-of-print zines. Let’s dive into my personal zine herstory again and take another look at my oldest zine series…

After I self-published Punk Feminist Mini-Zine in 2001 (read more in the first part of my zinester herstory), I went on to make the first issue of Flapper Gathering. The name was inspired by the flappers of the 1920s, with their short hair and wild lifestyle. They were a feminist inspiration for me and I even had a similar haircut around that time.

The Flapper Gathering zine series included contributions by others but was entirely layouted and edited on my own (I realised I enjoyed this a lot). Inside you can find concert reports (Le Tigre, The Haggard), how it was to co-organise the first Ladyfest in Belgium (and the second in Europe), going to activist camps, thoughts on beauty standards and gender identity… I drew musicians I had seen in concert and was inspired by on the cover (Bratmobile, Chicks on Speed), as well as friends from the European riot grrrl scene at that time.

The zines were made completely analog, cutting and pasting all the printed text and hand-drawing the illustrations and cover pages, after which I took them to a local copyshop. Like Punk Feminist Mini Zine, they were in A6 size and this is also when I started to print my zines on recycled paper.

Looking back, Flapper Gathering can be seen as a predecessor for my current long-running zine series Same Heartbeats. With both zines I attempt(ed) to find or create a kind of community and connect with other DIY artists, musicians, riot grrrls, anarcha-feminists, activists, and zinesters. In the early 2000s I found that scene online, at riot grrrl concerts in the Netherlands, and at Ladyfests in Europe. Later I would find it closer to home as well even though the connections I have with the international zine scene remain super precious to me and have continued to grow as well.

All issues of Flapper Gathering have been out of print for a while and I don’t intend to reprint them but you can read some excerpts in the compilation zine Echotopia and you may find some issues in zine libraries such as the Archiv der Jugendkulturen in Berlin.

PS. You cn also find some info about Flapper Gathering at ZineWiki.com now.

Archiv der Jugendkulturen

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