International Zine Month 2021 – overview

International Zine Month (IZM) is over! 😦 But it’s been fun and of course zine-making goes on during the rest of the year! How has July been for you? Did you engage in some zine fun too? I’m curious to know all about it!

Here is an overview of all the zine-related things I did this month and some tips for things to do from August on:


What I did in the first half of IZM:

I already posted about what I did in the first half of July so I won’t repeat it again. You can read it here.


What I did in the second half of IZM:

  • I contributed an article for a zine about zines (metazine!) by Coin-Operated Press.
  • I made a collage/image with some main reasons why I love zines.
  • I made a flyer to advertise my zines and music.
  • I traded zines with several amazing zinesters. Thank you for allowing me to discover your creations and for your interest in mine! ❤
  • I posted a long list of zine distros that you can check to order zines from.
  • I assembled and announced special Zine Month Surprise Bags (scroll down for a photo and more info).
  • I wrote about the zine library of Girls Go BOOM in Ghent (Belgium).
  • I watched a lot of YouTube videos by zinesters.
  • I had a virtual zine table at Virtual Portland Zine Symposium 2021! #virtualpzs
  • I invented a new IZM prompt to encourage doing something with the relation between zines and music. For this occasion I wrote a blogpost about zines about the band L7. Zine pal Hadass made a special Zine Month playlist.
  • I’ve read zines every day this month! I’ll introduce all of them on this blog very soon…
  • I made a zinester selfie and a “shelfie“: a photo of my zine collection. Most of the images I’ve been posting on this blog in July were made in Gimp, graphic software I’ve enjoyed learning more about and experimenting with this month.
  • I’ve also been working on new zines: two new issues of my lockdown diary comic zine Confined and a new issue of Do It Yourself Care thanks to the zine workshop that zinester Seleena Laverne Daye did for Andro & Eve.
  • and finally, today I reminisced about my old zine series Flapper Gathering which was published in the early 2000s.

I’ve skipped a few of the IZM prompts but I’ll summarise some of them here quickly:

Things I’ve learned from zines are really too many to mention (and probably I don’t even realise how great an impact zines have had on me as a whole): trans liberation and gender diversity, radical menstruation, radical cheerleading, herbal remedies, asexuality and aromanticism, DIY ethics and mutual support, anarcha-feminism, working-class and anti-racist struggles, craft skills, fat positivity, body hair positivity, the list goes on…

For the zine skills prompt, I can recommend watching this video by Sea Green Zines about zine binding. I guess my experimenting with Gimp can count as learn a new zine skill too.

I thought about making a list of witchy zines for the July 13th prompt but I’ll do that some other time (while in the meantime I can maybe try to make some of my own 🙂 ). Same for the queer zines prompt. I think that will fit with the upcoming virtual Queer Zest Zine Fest in August.


Recommendations to stay create during the rest of the year:

Watch this video by Penfriend about overcoming obstacles such as lack of time, confidence, and money that keep you from doing creative things. The DIY ethic of zines, punk, and riot grrrl has personally helped me a lot to get inspired to make stuff since I was a teenager (I already used to draw a lot and am very grateful that I was encouraged to do so). That meant that anyone could create music/zines/art/whatever including me and that what I made didn’t need to be perfect (but it could keep getting better the more I did it). I’ve also always been too enthusiastic to not do the things I wanted to do. I don’t necessarily need to be a professional musician or writer or artist but I can still create anything and share it with the world in my own way… and so can you! Please don’t let anything stop you from what you want to do or create! I know that it can be hard sometimes and lack of time and energy impact me too but try to do little bits regularly anyway. It might also help to take back some stolen time from your day job if you can (for example keep a word doc or notebook nearby to write or sketch).

Watch the videos that Twenty Two Zines made during IZM and use them to get or stay involved in zine reading and zine making during the rest of the year. There are a lot of great resources and free pdf zines to discover in the descriptions under the videos.


And finally… 

A last reminder for my Zine Month Surprise Bags! You can still order them today! (Mail me).

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