Almost finished: 2 new Confined zines (pre-order will be launched soon!)

3 zines on a table titled Confined part 1, Confined part 2, and Scissors and Chainsaws number 2. Text above the zines says: 2 new issues of my Confined diary comic zine coming soon.

Big news: I’ve finished drawing and scanning all pages of my lockdown diary comic zines aka quaranzines called Confined #3 and #4! Now on to photoshopping, editing, writing the introductions, and laying out the pages… Still a lot of work before I can get to printing and binding…

In these new issues you can find what things were/are like for me during the pandemic (from August 2020 – July 2021), what happened during Chainsaw Bunny’s washing machine adventure, photos of street-art I saw during walks, an interview with two super creative people who share their inspiring thoughts about creating in lockdown, and more.

My plan is to have the zines printed within +/- 1 month. Because it will be quite costly for me to print 2 new zines at once, I’m going to set up a pre-order in my Bandcamp webshop where you can support me and my zine project. I already have some ideas for unique merch, bundles, and fun surprises. đŸ™‚

This lockdown diary comic series started in April 2020 with Confined #1 + #2 and Scissors & Chainsaws #2 (the bridge between Confined #2 and Confined #3 so I guess you could call it Confined #2.5 đŸ™‚ ) which are all pictured in the photo above. Those zines will remain available to order but Confined #1 and #2 are currently low in stock so I will reprint them as well (the pre-order will also help me do that).

I’ll keep you up to date on my blog and social media about the progress I’m making with this zine series and when the pre-order will be launched!


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