Happy birthday, Chainsaw Bunny!

Chainsaw Bunny turns 13 the day after tomorrow, August 25th!

A few weeks ago I found old photos of the “birth” of Chainsaw Bunny! The “delivery” took 2 days but she came out as one happy (?) bouncy bunny. She was born in 2008 so she’s turning 13 this year. Doesn’t surprise me that puberty has started…

Even though I remember drawing bunnies with chainsaws when I was doing my masters in Illustration (no idea how I came up with that), I only started drawing Chainsaw Bunny a few years after she was “born”. She first appeared in the zine Scissors & Chainsaws and I’ve drawn her on some postcards as well.

(By the way, this year I’m also celebrating my 20th zineversary: 20 years of making zines!).

In het recent position as my dear colleague (mainly proofreader and model), Chainsaw Bunny helped me to decorate some envelopes and you can guess which stamp design she chose… đŸ™‚ She loves snail mail and postcards as much as me. I hope she will receive lots birthday cards!

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