How to celebrate a zine anniversary in a pandemic?

How to celebrate a zineversary or zine anniversary in a pandemic?

Hmmm, honestly I’m not so sure… This summer it’s been 20 years since I put out my very first zine called Punk Feminist Mini Zine and I’ve been wanting to do “something” to celebrate that. In May I wrote down a list of ideas on this blog but some of those ideas seem hard to put into practice at the moment because of the ongoing pandemic (zine residency, zine tour, zine party?) even though I’d very much like to make them happen. I’m also not much of an “organiser” so even in non-covid times I wouldn’t really know how to go about some of my ideas.

But at least I have done some stuff… and plan to do some more:

Some things I’ve already done for my zineversary:

What I plan to do in September (that still counts as summer):

  • Make zines! I’d like to start working on the zine Echotopia #2. The first issue of Echotopia celebrated my 10th zineversary so it seems logical to make a second issue now. I intend it to be a combination of Echo herstory / metazine / catalogue / quotes & interviews / party zine. I’ve already written down some ideas and I think it’s going to be fun making this zine.
  • As you may have heard when you follow this blog, I’m also releasing two new issues of Confined in September along with some surprise merch that includes the aforementioned zine-themed buttons/badges in my Bandcamp shop.
  • I want to organise a contest/poll for readers to win a zine!
  • Another plan is to do a DIY zine residency soon…

And during the rest of the year…:

  • Make more zines! I hope to make a lot of mini-zines because I have so many ideas! I will also continue working on Confined #5 and maybe start Same Heartbeats #19.
  • I’d like to create and release more music as Lost Luna. I’m currently writing and home-recording new songs for a second EP that will be a collaboration with Kitchen Leg Records who will release it on tape! ❤
  • It would be cool to try to record a one-episode podcast but I don’t know yet what it will be about or what it will be like.

More vague but fun sounding ideas:

  • I had the idea of organising a zine treasure hunt and now I saw there will be one in Berlin! Maybe some day there can be one a bit more local too.
  • Still up for virtual zine-making crafternoons any time. (Kind of like a virtual zine party but less extroverted?)
  • If the weather gets better, I’d love to organise or participate in a zinester picnic but maybe that’s more realistic for next year?

Maybe I shouldn’t make such a fuss about this anniversary thing but for me it feels like a big thing that zine culture has played such an  important role in my life for 20 years now. I hope to continue making zines for many more years to come!

What would you do or have you done to celebrate your zine anniversary?


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