New month, new Bandcamp Day!

Today is another Bandcamp Friday which means that Bandcamp doesn’t take a fee from any of the sales that DIY and independent artists make with the music and merch in their Bandcamp webshops. So an excellent moment to support DIY music… and zines! Because there are zinesters selling their work on Bandcamp too like Lunchtime for the Wild Youth and New Cult! And me… đŸ™‚

I recently started a webshop on Bandcamp not only for the music of my solo project Lost Luna but also to make my zines (or zine bundles), postcards, and other merch easily available. In the middle of the pandemic it’s also a good alternative for IRL zine fairs.

So what can you find in my Bandcamp shop?






And lots of bundles like this one:

Check it all here. Have fun browsing! By the way, you can stream and listen to Lost Luna’s music for free there!

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