Zines I’ve read in 2021 (September)

I tried to read more books and graphic novels in September and found it a bit harder to concentrate on zines (and reading in general tbh) so not as many zines here as in some of the previous months this year. It’s still a wonderful selection but I wish I could have read more of the publications that I recently received. Well, next month then hopefully.

Inside these zines you can read about doing a PhD on DIY culture as a working-class person, interviews with female and queer musicians, the ongoing impact of brain injury, memories connected to places in London, stories featuring water and water creatures, tips for things to do instead of doom scrolling, advice for working from home, photos of dark abandonned buildings, geekiness and fandom, travelling to Paris, a roadtrip in the US, fictional frendship stories, cat-related cross stitch patterns, info on grattitude journaling, and much more. There are also a few meta zines (zines about zines), a small comic adventure, and a perzine/quaranzine.

Again, I really enjoyed reading these and would encourage you to check them out! Thanks everyone who has been sending me zines recently and over the years! ❤

More photos and links to where you can find the zines:




Zine titles and where to find them:


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