Zine fair nostalgia

Upon request by amazing zinester and overall creator Kama Mielczarek of Weird is the Best, here are some photos of my table or stall at zine fests and craft fairs in the past. (Some of these tables were shared with creative friends Jessica Maybury, Meeni Levi, Wayfaring Moon Apothecaries, and Sister Ray Zines, and the feminist collective FEL).

I haven’t tabled at IRL zine fests or craft fairs since the end of Feburary 2020 (apart from one queer art event last summer where I couldn’t attend in person because of a covid alert but my zines were still there) but I hope it will feel safe again soon. Online I’ve seen photos of zinesters participating and selling their wares at fairs again and I’m curious about how things are organised and how they feel about it. Any advice is always welcome!

(Photos taken at zine fests and craft fairs in Brussels, Ghent, Maastricht, Manchester, Swansea, and Swindon.)

And finally, this is a zine table I displayed at my home for a virtual zine fair: 🙂

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