Music is magic – October playlist

For me, music is magic. It can offer beauty, energy, excitement, calm, belonging, wonder, and more. There are songs that fit for particular moods and moments. For this time of the year I compiled a playlist of dark songs and witchy musicians. Mysterious and magical music, just for you!

Bengal: “Sorcière”

Bengal is a local queer-feminist band who sing entrancing songs about witches (“sorcières”). Unfortunately they are doing their farewell tour right now.


Ex Hex: “Tough enough”

Ex Hex mix 80s hardrock with contemporary punkpop and a background in riot grrrl and indierock. Gotta love this.


Guitar Gabby & The TxLips: “Another tear”

Guitar Gabby must be one of the coolest guitarists ever! Those riffs, that solo! A song to play non-stop.


Hello Mary: “Take something”

I don’t know anything about this band but they sound hauntingly good! I love their 90s-esque sound too.


Kristin Hersh (with Michael Stipe): “Your ghost”

I remember hearing this on the radio in the 90s. It’s still such a beautiful song that I can’t get enough of…


Hex: “Witches of the hex”

Hex is an amazing witchy band from New Zealand. Great fit for this season (and any time of the year really).


Lavender Witch: album “Awakening”

My own band couldn’t be missing in this list. Our entire album is up on YouTube now:


Silver Stairs of Ketchikan: “Golden”

Siler Stairs of Ketchikan is an exciting new discovery for me in 2021. I’m pretty sure you will enchanted by their experimental and mysterious music too.


Siouxie & the Banchees: “Spellbound”

And finally, a true classic to close off this witchy playlist:


More witchy music? Check last year’s playlist at De Tweede Sekse Voorbij blog.


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