Echo Zines portfolio

I’ve been making zines for 20 years now so I’ve built up quite a collection. To give you an overview of (most* of) the zines I have currently available in my catalogue, I’ve made a “zine portfolio” with images and some basic information:

(*Not counting my master dissertations in zine-format, the eco-activist zine Coma to Action which is almost sold out, and the collaborative zines I’ve worked on. Find more info about them in the zine catalogue.)

Here are the zines, presented in 4 categories, and in aphabetical order:



Confined: quaranzine/perzine/comiczine series (2020-ongoing)

Echotopia: anniversary zine (2011-ongoing)

Same Heartbeats: feminist perzine series (2007-ongoing)

Scissors & Chainsaws: comiczine/perzine series (2013-ongoing)



CuNt & Paste: 24 hour zine about feminist zines and posters (2014)

Dirty Lesbian: 24 hour zine about queer-feminism (2018)

From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls: 24 hour fanzine/perzine about music (2017)


In Movement: 24 hour zine about moving house and looking for a home (2016)

Letter Soup: 24 hour zine about gender and language (2015)

Space Invasion: 24 hour zine about gender and space (2014)

YngWHO: fanzine/perzine about music, fandom, queerness, and the 80s (2019)




Do it Yourself Care: mini-zine series about self-care (2018-ongoing)

Guitarrr: mini-guide series about playing guitar and bass (2018)

Lost Luna: mini-zine series about music and my solo project (2020-ongoing)

Witches’ Brew: witchy mini-zine (2020-ongoing)



Chainsaw Bunny Hates Everyone: mini-comic (2018)

Feminist Activist: mini-zine about feminist activism (2017)


Make Your Very Own Zine: mini-guide in 3 languages (2013-2015)

A Space of Our Own: mini-zine about autonomous spaces (2018)


This Bunny Kills Fascists: mini-comic (2019)

Why I Like Zines: mini-zine with reasons to like zines (2015)

Zinespiration: mini-zine about creativity (2019)

(New mini-zines coming soon!)


Contact me via email. Some zine bundles are for sale on Bandcamp.

Zine prices currently range from 0,50 to 4 euros depending on the zine. I accept trades too but at the moment prefer trades within the EU to avoid having to deal with the new EU VAT regulation (but get in touch anyway to see if we can work something out).

More info about each of the zines in my catalogue.

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