Zines I’ve read in 2021 (October)

In the beginning of each month I’d like to shed some light on the zines I’ve read during the previous month. Because of Samhain/Halloween I tried to focus on witchy zines in October but I ended up reading other zines and a lot of books about witchcraft as well, so more witchy zines will probably follow in November’s reading list update…

Some of that witchy zine goodness talks about sigils, zine-related spells, the meanings of tarot cards, and Twin Peaks-inspired tarot spreads. I also read about secret societies (very funny and fitting in this conspiracy theory age), perzines (and tips for making your own), film maker Miranda July, and doing a PhD during the pandemic. Two zines discussed early 2000s subculture: one about pop culture, fashion, internet, and phones, and the other looking back at the difficulty of displaying rebellious subcultural styles in a small town as a teenager. Finally there were beautiful zines filled with collages using retro photography, riot grrrl-esque cut & paste style pages, and fantastical stories related to colour on a washi tape background. Thanks to everyone who sent me their amazing creations or shared them online! ❤

As you may know, November is ZineWriMo or Zine Writing Month, so keep an eye on my blog for updates about things I’ll be doing (not much so far but we’ll see how it goes).


Zine titles and where to find (most of) them:

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  1. Thank you for reading and mentioning my zine! 😀

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